Gelson is a chemical industry operating in the automotive sector that today, thanks to its many years of experience, presents a range of products and systems for protection, sealing, painting, sanding, polishing and detailing to be used in the most different field: cars, industry, boating, etc… Gelson operates with several national and international distributors and employs a team of highly professional technical and sales collaborators, making quality and assistance the strength points of customer service.


Some of the products in the catalogue may be out of stock or no longer available. Others may not be present in the following documents because they have been developed in the last year. Therefore we invite you to contact us for any questions or for more information.
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In the range of Gelson putties it is possible to find specific products for equally specific needs. In addition to a difference defined by

the material onto which it is applied and by the performances, it is possible to subdivide the products into universal putties and special putties. This last category clearly shows the typical flexibility of Gelson’s production. Many of these products come from focused requests of some customers and try to solve specific problems.

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The primers differ depending on the support on which they will be applied to. The spray products make applications easy and fast,

ensuring excellent results. The Gelson range also includes special products, like anti-corrosive and anti-rust primers.

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The protective products are generally practical and functional: they solve technical problems and are part of a market where

performance is important. Over the years Gelson has been able to consolidate the knowledge on this subject and to combine it creatively according to the specific requests of mixed and demanding customers, up to proposing customized products, as it’s been our trend for years.

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This section includes sealants for metal, plastics and special sealants for windscreens. These are divided into polyurethane or PU

(“traditional”) and polymeric products or MS, with low or zero solvent content and with different drying times.

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Rubbing compounds are a Gelson masterpiece. These are the first products ever made by the brand and still represent the

company in Italy and abroad. The catalogue presents both traditional and latest generation compounds, which pay attention to the environment and to the user’s health.

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Polish has been a must for Gelson since its beginning. The brand was able to preserve a series of products that are still the choice for

the vintage market, despite someone might consider them outdated. With the natural market growth, a new generation of polishes was created, in line with contemporary demand.

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The epoxy and polyester resins by Gelson, fit very well in the nautical field, giving a wide choice between polyurethane or PU products

(“traditional”) and polymeric or MS, low or zero solvent content and with different drying times.

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This category includes paints and clearcoats – the latest are a group that is growing strongly, (in the last years the offer has

doubled) – for application on metal, carbon and plastic. In particular, for plastic, Gelson offers high performance products in different formats.

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This section is the jewel of the brand, it’s able to meet the different needs of the customer. Here you can find a series of products

developed for the real addict of car detailing, starting with nanometric products that create a very thin layer improving surface appearance and performance.

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Developed thanks to many years of experience and the ability to listen and understand the needs of the customer, the

temporary protections are mainly designed for the industry and protect the surface of the vehicle without changing its appearance, but enhancing it. Temporary products are easy to apply and to remove. Gelson has also developed products that are useful for the protection of the working station.

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Created according to the specific needs of the customers, designed to be integrated in high-performance polishing, sanding and detailing

systems, Gelson accessories are a complement to the range. They guarantee excellent results due to their compatibility with other brand products and improve the quality of the customer’s work.

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