The Gelson adventure started in the 1960s, as an evolution of a family business, which over time became one of the leading Italian companies operating in the car detailing and marine system.

  • Gelson has always been characterized by quality. The brand looks at the effectiveness and efficiency of its products, with the goal of simplifying consumers work, creating systems for body shop and marine system that can guarantee top results in the shortest time, without ever renouncing quality and care for details. A priority in automotive and marine system industry. Gelson made this with a particular attention to the customers, supporting them before, during and after the purchase, with a very attentive customer service.

  • In order to achieve all this, Gelson adopts a user-centered strategy, aiming at long term personal customer relationship.

    Our starting point are the clients’ needs, followed by a careful and constant market research and the R&D insights, not forgetting the communication side, as projecting the design of products from package to label, to adv and instructions for usage. The result is a range of high quality Italian products, that suits the needs of professional demanding and attentive clients.


    Quality, passion, competence, tradition, perseverance, professional ethics. These are the values proposition of Gelson, shared by its team of  professionals and its fundamental points as a brand


    Human beings are our strength.
    Gelson structure resembles a big family where confrontation and collaboration guarantee a steady growth, necessary for a complete production in line with market needs.


    The customer is the brand pivot point.
    Retaining and creating long term relationships, understanding customer needs by means of direct confrontation, training and informing.

    These are the main points of our brand-customer relationship

    • Born and raised in Milan, at the beginning of the 1900 Gelpi Attilio, father and grandfather of the current Gelson owners, decided to challenge his future with an independent activity in the field of colors and paints, joining the passion, perseverance and perspicacity with a behavior of respect for people and commercial ethic. In 1912 Attilio built in Brescia the first Italian factory for the production of Litopone, a material at that time imported from Germany, used to replace the unhealthy lead carbonate. That was the first of a series of brilliant insights that, with a strong personal and national pride, led to the birth, in 1960, of the company Gelpi Abrasivi. Back then, in the management of the business, there was Attilio’s only daughter, Anna and her future husband Angelo Tota.

    • In 1963 Anna and Angelo decided to leave their small headquarters in Milan to move to Lainate and carry out an ambitious project to build an abrasive and polishing pastes factory. Angelo is a determined, versatile, proactive and perceptive person with those values that are so important for the growth of the company. He, as an extraordinary self-taught, dedicates himself to the realization of spraying primers, putties, protective products, sealants, small tools and all products appreciated in the automotive field, focusing immediately on quality. Meantime Angelo had the opportunity to appreciate the laboriousness, resourcefulness, dynamism and correctness of a young man: Giuseppe Alberini. Angelo understands that Giuseppe is a good seller, ambitious and determined.

    • It’s a beginning of a collaboration that will last a lifetime and still exists. Mr Giuseppe Alberini as a reference point for the company and master for the new generations of Gelson agents. In 1983, by decision of Angelo, Gelson participates for the first time at the Autopromotec fair in Bologna, the most important event in the sector. A small Italian brand among international giants! Thanks to the courage and determination of this team, Gelson has broadened its horizons, consolidating relations with a local and foreign customers and building new ones: Europe, Australia, Japan, Lebanon... To these, which still exist, others were (and will be…) added.

    • It’s 1988. Years passed, the range of products increased, to the first building others have been added, the number of machines, employees and agents has grown throughout Italy and now in the company there is the son of Anna and Angelo: Alberto, the "son" of the name brand, who is initially supporting his father in laboratory experiments, and then moves on to consolidating the relationship with foreign customers, also traveling to learn about different local realities.

    • In 1996, after his studies, the son of Giuseppe Alberini, Emiliano, to whom the father transmits his competence and his values, began his career. Today Emiliano is sales manager and an important part of the company, successor of Gian Franco Occa, who has contributed significantly to the growth of the company for about 30 years. In 2015, under the leading of Alberto, a new phase began for the brand, the "New Generation" phase which, despite hard times, continues to invest in the national territory, with determination always keeping in mind the values of quality, passion, perseverance and professional ethics that have distinguished the brand since 1900.


      Today, after sixty years of experience, Gelson wants to look at the future, modernizing the production process, the internal organization of the company and more. In fact, the Italian brand aims at a total rebranding that projects it towards a dynamic and energetic future, without forgetting the fundamental values.

      The logo
      The new brand identity and the new logo are born from the old one. They contain salient features such as the inclination of the 60s logo that makes it dynamic, moving towards the future; the weight of the 80s, given by a typographic character that communicates stability, tradition, safety; the graphic element of the horizontal lines in the old logo that becomes dynamic, a piece of the new monogram, the “G”.

      The colors
      Even the colors are a modern reinterpretation of the old red (now brighter) and the yellow that becomes an almost fluo, acid green, bringing to mind the lights of neon lettering and inspiring dreams in a cyberspace as contemporary cinema portrays.

      The payoff
      The payoff emphasizes the identity and the combination of innovation and tradition. The sentence “quality is passion”, tells us something about a project that is born from the dream and the passion of a man who, with perseverance and dedication, built a brand that, still today, is synonymous of Made in Italy.