One of our main goals is to propose the customer high quality and complete products system for bodyshop and marine. A  high quality, efficient, effective and reduce working time system. For this reason we strongly cooperate with the most important brands in the automotive and marine system field, as their official retailer.


FLEX is a German brand with almost 100 years of experience in production of professional power tools. Always oriented to professionals, FLEX presents itself as a premium world brand. Innovation, research and technical development, ergonomics and design, quality and reliability are characteristics of Flex machines that make them the best effective solutions, also in extreme work conditions.


Kovax is a Japanese abrasives manufacturer with 90 years experience in the automotive field. They are specialized in fine sanding and were the first in the market with a complete dry system up to grit 10.000. Because of their Japanese roots, it’s in KOVAX’s DNA to aim for the best quality and to keep striving for perfection. KOVAX has built an European partners network with which they work closely to get the best results for customers. It’s their highest goal to make partners grow and build a stable future together.


Walmec s.p.a. was born in 1945 as a 100% Made in Italy brand and today, after more than 75 years, they follow their Italian projecting and producing way. Innovation, insight and quality are the base for new projects and products that allowed the brand to be active in 60 countries of the world, exporting the dedication and reliability of Italian style. Walmec s.p.a. incorporates two brands: WALCOM and ASTURO-MEC, aimed respectively at bodyshop and hardware. The WALCOM brand is a synonymous of innovation, research, new ideas which improve the professionals’ work. A complete, modern and attractive range, a serious and punctual support service for those who make professionalism their reason for daily work.


For 125 years, ANSELL has been providing the most advanced protection solutions to millions of people at work and at home, keeping them away from possible dangers. Their competence, the innovating products and the advanced technologies offer to their customers a level of safety that no other brand can guarantee. Ansell’s mission is to provide innovative security solutions to create a world protected by Ansell.